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ITALIAN-AMERICAN Language Services offers an extensive experience in the field of Italian Translations and  ITALIAN DUAL CITIZENSHIP Services spanning over 15 years of satisfied clientele.
Because we specialize in  two language pairs: ITALIAN<-> ENGLISH, each translation receives a personal and attentive approach by one of our professional Italian <-> English translators.


Our aim is to help you simplify the process of securing your Italian  Dual Citizenship.  
Take advantage of our expertise and experience in assisting you attaining that goal and be part of this select community providing you an opportunity to: 

Live in Italy or the European Community 
Go to school overseas as an Italian citizen  
Buy property  
Start a business

Prof. Rosaria Tenace,  professional Italian translator, a dual citizen, bilingual and bi-cultural, is a full-time professional and an expert in the field in the acquisition of the Italian Dual Citizenship.   
We have helped hundreds of applicants become Italian citizens.  We will do the same for you!

The following testimony is from one of our latest Italian citizen:

"While working on my Italian Dual Citizenship application for my family, hiring Rosaria Tenace’s ITALIAN-AMERICAN Language Services, and her translating service was the smartest decision I could possibly have made, hands down. 
She was a perfectionist extraordinaire and delightful to work with. 
She was conscientious, swift and accommodating. I will always use her services when I need a perfect translation from English into Italian! I wouldn’t think of going elsewhere. 
I could not recommend her services more highly! End result … I’m a dual Italian-American citizen! Life doesn’t get much better! ”

Donna Bertaccini
Manhattan, New York, Connecticut

                                  Eligibility for  Italian Dual Citizenship 

     Your father

    Your mother    

    Your paternal grandfather 

    Your maternal grandfather 

•    Through Marriage to an Italian Citizen

                                                                 FOR FAST ESTIMATE :

 - EMAIL the documents to be translated to: RTENACE1@GMAIL.COM 
We will promptly respond with a price quote and delivery estimate


                                                             We accept: PAYPAL and Personal Checks 

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